Third Eye Magic

Third Eye Magic is a Metaphysical Holistic Shop that you can take you time enjoy yourslef and relax we have a full service Apothecary,Reiki and Psychic and Rune Reading with class work and one on one educational workshops.

Third Eye Magic exclusively make and deal with practical spiritual items. We do not prescribe to using any negativity in anything we do.

Third Eye Magic has unique online retail catalog of supplies which will be updated our Etsy catalog listing as our product line grows. From one of a kind jewelry to grids and stone sets as well as Candles,Soaps, Divination boars and Tarot cards and much more.

Third Eye Magic will also be providing Rune, Tarot, Aura readings Past life readings and Phychic reading. walk-ins are welcome.

Our Contact number is 248-686-3961 you can call/text any time day or night and we will get back to you within 12 hours make sure you leave your name, number and your request.

There's so much information about you available to psychics, if you allow them to connect. Having insight about love, relationships, career, finances, or your destiny and the life path you're on can be invaluable.

Third Eye Magic performs the following types of readings

Tarot card, Rune Reading, Aura readings Past life readings and Psychic readings all are $20.00
walkins are welcome!

Each reading does not have a time limit however when the psychic has no information to give they will inform you and the reading will conclude.

Contact Third Eye Magic at 248-686-3961 for detailed information.